Porto Covo is located on the coast about 14 km south of the port of Sines and 170 km from the capital Lisbon. Over the past 2 decades, the place has become a popular destination for tourists thanks to its excellent beaches (many are just small coves between rocks), its natural beauty and gastronomy.

The earliest record of human settlement in the area of Porto Covo dates to the Carthaginian trading along the coast. By the time of the conquest of Hispania by Rome, the island of Pessegueiro hosted a small fish processing centre (from archaeological excavation of salt tanks linked to this industry).

Although characterized as a "small fishing community", its move towards the tourist market has driven its growth since the 1990s.[3] Influenced by its white, fine sand beaches, natural rock-cliff shores, seculeded coves and warm temperatures (water temperatures reaching a minimum 15°C), the local economy absorves a constant number of summer visitors and foreign vacationers. Come and be part of history by participating in the first Trail of the Rota Vicentina

Here is where you will take the start for an amazing and unforgettable adventure of 57Km

The 4th edition of Trail Rota Vicentina, will have the race course the magnificent and unique historic route of the Rota Vicentina between Porto Covo and Santiago do Cacém with a distance of 57 km. There will be also a shorter distance of 15 km from Paiol to Santiago do Cacém also on the historic route. Another distance of 25Km between Cercal and Porto Covo is also proposed.
If you are looking for an unusual destination, gorgeous, off the beaten track, then this trail is made for you. In October temperatures remain mild and light is fantastic. The scenery is breathtaking and the fauna and flora are very rich.
The race is open for all persons of any nationality, aged 18 years old or older who comply with the requirements of this regulation.

The Event

The Ultra Trail is a distance of 57 km, 25km and 15km which starts at 08:30 am from the Marques de Pombal Square and finishes at the Church of Santiago do Cacém.
The Trail of 15Km starts at 10:00 am. from the village of Cercal do Alentejo and finishes at the Church of Santiago do Cacém and the 25Km from Cercal do Alentejo to Porto Covo
The material is required for the distance of 57 km. There will be control of all equipment, half an hour before departure and at checkpoints.

Each participant must be in possession of the following required equipment:
- Specific footwear for trails
- Container with 500 ml of liquid
- Thermal blanket survival
- Whistle
- Front light
- Cut wind or waterproof
- Mobile charged with backup battery
- Glass

In case of very bad weather.
- Cap
- Gloves
- Long sleeve sweater
- Food reserve of 500 g - Waterproof pants

- Clock (if possible with GPS function)
- Cream high protection (sun and snow)
- Red back-light
- Bats
- Sunglasses

It may be made on the starting area or in any control zone.
The organization is responsible for the proper hydration of all participating athletes, water will be distributed in all supplies, fruit, snacks, sweets and sports drinks in all supplies and upon finish
All supplies have solid foods (fruit, dried fruit, potato chips, Marmalade, sponge cake, dry cakes, tomatoes, salt and liquid (water, isotonic, coca cola). In the race of 57km, two of the supplies will have soup.

Trail 57 km
- 07k
- 18k Cercal do Alentejo
- 25k
- 35k
- 41k Vale Seco
- 55k
- 57k Santiago do Cacém (Finish)

Trail 15 km
- 07k
- 15k Santiago do Cacém (Finish)
Bibs will be given on the spot one hour before the start.
YOUR CONFIRMATION LETTER AND A PHOTO I.D. ARE REQUIRED TO PICK UP YOUR BIB NUMBER! Complete instructions, safety pins, will be enclosed with your bib.

It is strongly recommended that each participant write his/her name, telephone number (in case of emergency) and all other medical information, he / she deems appropriate, on the back of the bib. This information can be of the utmost importance if a health problem arises during the race

Valid Email address We recommend to all competitors to provide us a valid e-mail@your-address.com this VALID e-mail address is very important, apart that this e-address will be the only way of communication between us, it will serve us to send you more relevant information about the event
When registering it is important to note your date of birth will reflect the age category you are allocated to. Below is a summary of information of age categories for the Trail Rota Vicentina race 57Km and 15Km.

Under 23 -/- 18-22 years
Seniors Female - 23-39 years old
Veteran I Female 40-44 years
Veteran Female 45 - 49 years old
Veteran Female 50 -54 years old
Veteran Female 55 - 59 years old
More than 60 years old

Under 23 -/- 18-22 years
Seniors 23-39 years old
Male 40-44 years
Male 45-49 years
Male 50-54 years
Male 55-59 years
Male more than 60 years old.
Entry Fee
Trail 57Km Trail 25Km Trail 15Km
- 31 July
€ 35
€ 30
€ 25
- 30 September
€ 45
€ 40
€ 30
- 20 October
€ 55
€ 50
€ 35


  • Technical T-Shirt
  • Bib number
  • Supplies with water
  • Insurance of the event
  • Fruits after the race
  • Certificate online
  • Medal of Participation
  • Recovering area with massages
  • Photos

    All runners are mailed a Bib Number Pick-up letter, printed with individual runner's bib number. Please verify the accuracy of all personal information on your letter when you receive it in the mail. If any changes need to be made, please e mail to: info@wanago.com Your race number may not be altered or copied in any way and may not be transferred to another participant or another event. There are no mailed bib numbers. Each entry is considered as non transferable and final and implies full acceptance of the rules.

    No refund will be made whatever the reasons. No registration transfer will be allowed, whatever the reasons. Any person retroceding his bib to a third party will be held responsible in case of an accident arising or provoked by this third party during the competition. The organisation is exempt from all responsibility in case of an accident in this type of situation.

    It is strongly recommended that each participant write his/her name, telephone number (in case of emergency) and all other medical information, he / she deems appropriate, to the back of the bib. This information can be of the utmost importance if a health problem arises during the race

  • Medical assistance will be available at the start, en route and at the finish. It is imperative that runners complete their correct medical information on their entry form.
    Should you require hospital treatment, you will be charged according to the hospital tariff rate.
    All athletes are covered by Personal Accident Insurance, in accordance with the law in force.
    There is a medical team throughout the race course and on finish in Santiago do Cacém. The medical services are allowed to withdraw from the competition any athlete who manifest physical or psychological disability signals for to continue the race, or need to receive vital medical care.
    The Organization recommends the use of clothes and appropriate footwear, sunglasses, hat and sunscreen.
    EVENT ENTRY REQUIREMENTS Participants must be 18 years or older on race day, Octobre 24, 2021 to enter the Rota Vicentina. Trail Rota Vicentina 57Km has a maximum net race day finish time of eight hours and 30 minutes (08:30), from the time the last runner crosses the start line). Participants that fall behind this pace will not be guaranteed a finishing time. All registration fees and ancillary purchases are non-refundable.